Computer Stations

Computer Stations

Today’s libraries must accommodate the technology needs of the typical user. Library furniture manufacturers and retailers have met this challenge by designing a range of computer stations. These stations can be outfitted with computers for patron use, or they can be fitted with the correct ports and electricity so that patrons can easily use their own computers and other electronic equipment.

Types of Computer Stations

Computer stations can be freestanding, or they can be mounted to the wall or the end of a shelving unit. Many computer stations come with the option of adding a mounting device for flat screen computers. Accessories for computer stations include CPU holders, PC compartments, cover plants for mini computers, screen brackets, and cable sleeves.

Some computer stations are fixed in height, while others are height adjustable. Height adjustable computer stations can be easily adjusted to a sitting or standing position, and can also be adjusted to better suit library patrons of varying heights. Some computer stations require the user to adjust the height manually, while others come with electric motors that enable users to quickly and easily adjust the station to the right height.

For smaller libraries seeking stations that serve more than one purpose, some shelving units come with desk plates that make it easy for them to do double-duty as computer stations. The user places the desk plate at the height of his or her choice, depending upon whether the preference is to stand or sit while using the computer.

Computer stations come in many different sizes, styles, and materials, depending upon the library’s needs and design aesthetic.

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