Book Trolleys

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When it comes to keeping a well-organized, efficient library, book trolleys are your first line of defense. There are a large range of book trolleys to choose from, from basic trolleys to those that offer increased comfort and range of use.

There are several different kinds of single-sided trolleys to suit a wide range of needs. Both single-sided and double-sided trolleys can be made of several different types of wood, steel, laminate, or plastic. They are also available in many different colors, making it easier than ever to choose trolleys that match your library’s current décor.

Book trolleys come with adjustable or fixed shelves, in one size or in a variety of sizes. Some trolleys have shelving that can accommodate binders and larger books, and can also do double-duty as mobile display shelving.

For those who view comfort as a priority, ergonomic trolleys provide a solution. Some features of ergonomic trolleys include sloping shelves, elevated shelves that reduce wear and tear on the back and joints, and specially designed frames that can be easily gripped by people of all heights.

There are also book trolleys available for those seeking more capacity; some book trolleys can hold as many as 280 books. For those seeking versatility, there are trolleys with moveable shelves of all sizes, enabling them to be used for displays and other applications. For those who are working in slim spaces, such as a record library, a trolley with a narrow design for small spaces may be ideal.

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