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Project: Fairfield Public Library - Fairfield, CT

Architect: Herbert S. Newman & Partners, P.C. http://www.hsnparch.com/

When the Fairfield Public Library began to embark on its most recent addition and renovation, the goal was to create a cohesive and comfortable environment, while bringing the library up to contemporary standards. Since the original construction in 1903, this 43,000 sq ft library had undergone many additions resulting in an uneven flow. Facing expected increases in library use, it was necessary to refine the interior and upgrade the technology infrastructure.

While selecting new furnishings for the renovated space, the library wanted to find the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary elements. Longo was able to answer the call by providing a combination of custom furniture and standard products. By blending a variety of materials including warm natural-beech wood, rich cherry-stained maple, cool steel and light frosted glass; the result was a subtle contrast of the conventional and the modern. It is this contrast that helped to create a space that is not only open and airy, but also warm and comforting. Longo was able to help the library reach its goal… to provide the community with a state-of -the-art facility without abandoning its rich tradition.

Additionally, Longo worked with the library to meet its budget requirements. As a way to economize, the library re-used some of their existing shelving and Longo was able to provide custom end panels. These custom end panels allowed the library to stay within budget without compromising the overall aesthetics.

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