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“Working with a tight and innovative Media Center program Longo provided excellent support and knowledge to the school. Longo went above and beyond in coordination efforts to accommodate the needs of the client. As a result Darien High School provides the community with an exceptional facility that promotes learning.” ~ Michelle Ariola Herbert S. Newman and Partners


Project: Darien High School Media Center - Darien, CT

Architect: Herbert S. Newman & Partners, P.C. http://www.hsnparch.com/

Providing for 1300 students, the 325,000 sq ft school looks more like a campus than a public high school. The new Media Center is no different. It rivals a contemporary library one would find on a college campus.

With a collection of over 40,000 volumes and AV materials, shelving was a vital part of the overall design for the space. Maintaining good sight lines was an important consideration, and with such an extensive collection this was a main obstacle to overcome during the design phase. Additionally, with such a diverse collection of materials from reference books to DVDs, it was important to select a shelving system that could easily accommodate various materials without limiting the flexibility of the system.

The solution was a shelving system with various design options and interchangeable shelving components that highlighted different types of media throughout the Media Center.

In the reading room, a double height space surrounded by windows, Longo provided low shelving with light beech wood end panels and canopy tops that appear to be floating the bright airy space. Individual study carrels with floating beech tabletops, perforated steel dividers and task lights offer the students a quiet study space.

The main area features tall ranges of shelving with perforated steel end panels and specialty shelving components to house everything from magazines to VHS tapes. Simple tables with steel frames and floating beech tops are grouped on either side of the main entry to meet the needs of two separate classes.

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